Loving Someone with Dependent Personality Disorder

This is because people with dependent personality disorders engage in behaviors that are designed to elicit care-taking. They had difficulty making decisions without a ton of reassurance from those around them. They are extremely compliant. They rarely expressed their disapproval, until it culminated in a blow up or passive-aggressive resentment of some sort. They had intense, irrational fears about taking care of themselves in basic ways or living on their own. They were obsessed with you and just a handful of other people.

Dependent personality disorder

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A clinical diagnosis of Dependent Personality Disorder DPD means that the sufferer is plagued with crippling anxiety around issues of abandonment, rejection and being alone. What is Dependent Personality Disorder? However, people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from Dependent Personality Disorder DPD display symptoms, patterns of thought and behaviour which would be considered at the extreme end of this spectrum.

A clinical diagnosis of DPD means that the sufferer is plagued with crippling anxiety around issues of abandonment, rejection and being alone. In addition, they will also have very little in the way of self-confidence. Consequently, the sufferer may cling on to relationships and situations because of an unhealthy conviction that they are worthless or that even a bad relationship is better than being alone.

Typically, people suffering from Dependent Personality Disorder can feel crippled with anxiety at the thought of carrying out everyday tasks on their own or in being without their significant other. People with DPD are passive in the extreme — being unable or highly unwilling to take any action on their own. They struggle to make decisions or initiate any course of action themselves, instead allowing others to assume almost total responsibility for areas of their life.

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One of the first things for you to figure out is in which ways you think you are codependent. Codependency is the excessive psychological or emotional reliance on your partner. It can give you a very good feeling to know that your partner needs your approval and reassurance all the time. Also, it may give you a good feeling that you usually get your way. When your partner has DPD , he or she needs a lot of approval and reassurance, is afraid of losing support, of being rejected or abandoned.

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Dating in general has its complications. People with Dependent Personality Disorder are often terrified of being alone and may go to great lengths even suffering abuse to stay in a relationship. If you are dating someone with Dependent Personality Disorder, they will likely exert a lot of energy to please you and seek your approval. They may be unlikely to disagree with you and are easily influenced.

People with Dependent Personality Disorder are uneasy being alone and fear being abandoned or rejected by others. They may constantly be anxious, fearful, or sad. How can you recognize if the person you are dating suffers from Dependent Personality Disorder? According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , a person with Dependent Personality Disorder will display the following symptoms:.

People with Dependent Personality Disorder in relationships may not rise to their true potential because they are typically dependent on someone else for support. They may have never lived independently, often live with relatives, and never accept a job that makes enough money to have their own place to live. People with Dependent Personality Disorder may consciously or subconsciously undermine efforts to make themselves more independent or competent, and accept decisions of their supporters even if they are to their disadvantage.

Are You Dating Someone with Dependent Personality Disorder?

Please note the date each article was posted or last reviewed. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. To be sure, people need people. We survive as social creatures. Mental health is partly defined by strong emotional attachments to the people we love and a supple interdependence.

Any of us may become perturbed when important people disappoint us.

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Partner has DPD

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A personality disorder is defined as a type of mental disorder in which a person has a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning, and behaving. Dating someone with a personality disorder can also be challenging. Individuals with DPD may appear very fearful, anxious, or sad. If you are dating someone with this disorder, they may take a lot of energy from you, seek your approval constantly, rarely disagree with you and be very influential.

There are several things you should be careful not to do with your partner if they have DPD:. The first step that you can take with your partner is to create a safe environment.

Dating Someone with Dependent Personality Disorder: Balancing Support and Self-Care

Dependent personality disorder DPD is described as theneed to be cared for by others. This condition results in submissive and clingy behavior, a fear of separation, and difficulty making decisions without reassurance from others. DPD appears to occur equally among males and females, and usually first appears in early-to-middle adulthood.

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