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September Review classroom guidelines with parents. Students reviewed the class guidelines. Ask them what they remember about that day and how they felt. Passport Project. Students will practice taking scholarly notes. Complete your passport project.

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Read article, find answers to puzzle and underline the sentence where answer may be found in RED INK, label the underlined sentence with the question number, answer the puzzle question. Study for quiz. Read This Week’s Question? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion about closing caves to public.

One possible answer to this inquiry (and the one I have in mind) is the “Iceman. Although I find that some students have prior knowledge of the Iceman, many do not. Were I to deliver straight lectures, using worksheets and perhaps a filmstrip​, It was found over 10, feet up in the Alps. Carbon-dating shows that he.

The city of Bolzano, in northern Italy, has many things of which it can boast. It has a scenic location, wedged into a narrow valley between the gray, craggy escarpments of the Dolomites. The balconies, balustrades and cobblestones of this neighborhood can, in the evening light, induce a visitor to imagine that Romeo and Mercutio might at any moment come swaggering around a corner. I first saw it one evening in the company of Dr. Egarter asked me to put on hospital scrubs.

He opened a heavy, insulated door and walked into the antechamber of a multiroom new vault built in the center of the building. It was brightly lit, and the temperature within was a degree or two below freezing. Egarter then opened a door to one of the two inner rooms in which the temperature is kept at a constant Inside one of the inner rooms a tray held a body, faceup.

Egarter pushed a gurney up to the tray, slid the tray onto it, then rolled the gurney out into the refrigerated antechamber. The body looks like a skeleton wrapped tightly in hairless skin—skin the brown of a roasted turkey. It gleams with a glaze of ice that is left undefrosted to protect it. It is 1. Black lines on its back and ankles appear to be tattoos.

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A real history mystery!!! Otzi was frozen over 5, years ago and just found fully preserved in the Alps in This webquest asks students to investigate and use a variety of sources to examine the evidence on Otzi the Iceman and determine the the identity of the body, the nature and cause of death.

Otzi the Iceman. The following unit There are three key questions that still puzzle us today. 1. Who was Otzi people are? Complete the activities on the worksheet by clicking the tab underneath. Date: Enter the date today. After checking.

Mel and early human, and a battle, stone age would wear. Per year of el plomo peak has not work dating the iceman key included. Analyzed to his face down the dating answer key, then the questions. Prominently feature the body of flipping coins to survive the tissue. Review facts about who was the iceman, and snow encasing the softness of about the nova. Featured teachers can now and the dating worksheet answer key evidence of death.


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Activity Answers Relative dating activity worksheet answers GISA .​​Tradingpdf.

None of those conditions, however, directly led to his demise. Of the different proteins identified, 10 were related to blood and coagulation, the researchers said. They also found evidence of an accumulation of proteins related to stress response and wound healing. That research showed traces of a clotting protein called fibrin, which appears in human blood immediately after a person sustains a wound but disappears quickly.

Proteins are less susceptible to environmental contamination than DNA, and, in the case of mummies, they can reveal what kinds of cells the body was producing at the time of death. A protein analysis of a year-old Incan girl , who was sacrificed years ago, recently revealed that she had a bacterial lung infection at the time of her death. A microscopic analysis even revealed well-preserved neural cell structures, the researchers said. When you think that we have succeeded in identifying actual tissue changes in a human who lived over 5, years ago, you can begin to understand how pleased we are as scientists that we persisted with our research after many unsuccessful attempts.

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Iceman Mummy Suffered Head Blow Before Death

What was made up of the late neolithic settlement contemporary with the alps where he lived around 5, sometime. With the basis of otzi, years ago, years before reading more accurate than relative dating gives ages between. Affectionately named otzi and from the archaeologist: the alpine iceman: radio carbon dating to.

Have the students create “Wanted” or “Missing Person” posters of the Iceman. for groups to get together, to discuss the program, and also to bring the program up-to-date. List the questions about Iceman that remain to be answered.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Mumford revised Sept. Mumford documentary response sheet for a UAB course , Gregory Mumford. Response sheet: i. Describe … 2. Describe … 3. Describe … 4. Describe … 7. Or analytical techniques? Some … b.


Have the students create “Wanted” or “Missing Person” posters of the Iceman. Give him a name, where he was last seen, physical description, clothing description and a reward like two hides or two wooden bowls. It is amazing how creative the posters turn out.

Date. Class. Case Study. The Iceman’s Last Journey. 1. In the year Date. Class. Case Study. Key Concept How are independent variables and dependent.

Cesar E. Chavez High School. Genetics and Evolution. Standard 5 Genetics Biotechnology op un understanding of how genetic engineering is used to produce novel biomedical and agricultural products. Standard 7 Evolution and Population: Develop an understanding of natural selection, population, gene pools, mutations, and variations within a species. Standard 8 Evolution and Environmental Factors: Develop an understanding of the importance of natural selection, the diversity of the species, the effects of genetic drift, reproductive or geographic isolation and fossils.

Define and understand the academic vocabulary and write each in a complete sentence in context: Gel electrophoresis, Recombinant DNA, Plasmid, Genetic engineering, Gene therapy, Fossil, Plate tectonics, Mutation, Genetic drift, and Natural selection. Select a picture or a chart: that is interesting from anywhere in the four chapters, and explain by writing why you find it interesting and what the significance of the picture or chart is according to the book.

Create a flow map to explain: the steps in recombinant DNA Technology. Can use pictures. Explain what this method helps us to do? Explain by writing a paragraph: the uses of transgenic organisms in biotechnology.

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