Jessica’s guide to dating on the dark side

When Jessica Packwood found out she was a Romanian vampire princess, she had the shock of her teenage life. Turns out that was the easy part. Now, married to Prince Lucius Vladescu, she has to claim her throne and convince a vampire nation she’s fit to be their queen. But Jess can’t even order a decent meal from her castle’s Romanian staff, let alone deal with devious undead subjects who would love to see her fail. And when Lucius is accused of murdering a vampire Elder and imprisoned without the blood he needs, Jessica finds herself alone, fighting for both their survivals. Desperate to clear her husband’s name and win his release, Jess enlists the help of her best friend Mindy Stankowicz and Lucius’s mysterious Italian cousin, Raniero Lovatu. But both of them are keeping some dark secrets. Can Jess figure out who to trust — and how to rise to power — before she loses everything, including the vampire she loves? Ok so Jessica didn’t find a way to get Lucius out and lets pretend that they already had a daughter named So Lucius is sent over seas to a prison and Jessica is left with Eve.

Jessica’S Guide To Dating On The Dark Side

I’ve been wanting to read Jekel Loves Hyde! I’ve never read Twilight fan fic before. I may give it a try.

This is frustrating for every party involved, because Jacob is determined to protect her Runaway Marriage by spaceheaterlove aka Pattyofurniture on FanFiction. net Bella and Jacob marry. Leg hitch Emmett, imprint on Jacob and hunt Jessica. female Harry Potter FF- Love, a Dark Lord and other magical happenings.

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(Maybe this is where AO3 or can fill the void, but I’d like some canon here.) Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by [Fantaskey, Beth].

Hey guys I love the book “Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side” and I can’t wait for the second book so to past the time I thought I would write a story about them. Ok so it’s not the main characters POV but I thought it would be easier this way. Antanasia pulled me in for a gentle kiss before she stared down at the red and black bundle in her arms. Down at our daughter, Alexandria. Alexandria Miheala Vladescu.

Remember it was Jessica’s Mom’s name.


Why Us? In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of the great kingdoms of Hogwarts rest in the hands of a young prince, his most trusted knight, and the woman who captured his heart. Hermione Granger was perfectly content with her normal life.

Rice’s Attitudes Regarding Fans and Fanfiction Based on Her Work: Official Policies. Unknown Date Removal of Fan Fiction Based on Anne Rice’s Works from Comments by Fans. Regarding Negative Reviews send Cease & Desist orders out to various high-profile members of the fanfic side of fandom.

There are links to the songs that you see in the story on my profile, so check them out. As soon as the door shut, our kisses became deeper, as if they were our last. Lucius’s mouth was cool, yet his panting breaths were hot, like the Arabian sun. Our bodies drew in together, slowly intertwining. My fangs were dying to come out, to taste his sweet blood, and Lucius, mine. Between kisses, he murmered “I love you,” making my heart flutter faster.

This will be the best night of our existence, I promised to myself. I looked at him, puzzled.

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Six of Crows A young criminal mastermind think Thomas Shelby, but seventeen and less trusting of pretty women who can sing takes on a job that will make him wildly successful or perhaps dead. He recruits the best of the best to aid with this almost impossible hiest. Crooked Kingdom After being double-crossed, our gang of outcasts is fighting for their lives, for the city that created them, and the very fate of their world. Since reading it, I have reread it three or four times, begged everyone I know to read it, and tried several other book series to help me move on from ACOTAR.

i’ve never really been any good at summaries but its pretty but about the daughter of vivian and the son of jessica going through what jessica.

I totally fell in love with Nate and Bronwyn and I thought it was so well written, not once did it scream out YA to me. Huge recommendations coming for this book now, I loved it! I have also now read the next book in the series so review to follow very soon! Con el resultado de que no me ha gustado. Me gusta que me hagan salir de mi zona de confort ya que a veces descubro muy buenas novelas pero no ha sido el caso que se le va a hacer.

Music and Book! I had heard amazing things about this book, but was left a little disappointed. It is a novel written in verse which has already won a few prizes. The story centers around 2 girls who unbeknownst to them, share the same father.

Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side

Also see Interrogating the text from the wrong perspective. Early fics based on the Vampire Chronicles were called specs. These fics were posted on alt. While Rice did not approve of them, she did not take any action against them until What are specs? Consider them a creative way of discussing ” What if?

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I am the author of this FanFic. I woke to find the sun shining in my eye. Usually, in the castle, we rarely faced such a problem. But since I was feet in the air, above most clouds, I was doomed to a sleepless night. Or should I say day, since the sun never went down if you were headed west. Yep, I was in a plane. A green one, with the words” Romanian Airlines” painted all over it. I was headed home Back to Pennsylvania and the Packwood’s. Just day dreaming. Technically, I had nothing against lying in a first class seat that turned in to a bed with Lucius sleeping at my side.

But it was still annoying sitting in one place for god knows how much time with all these people around you.

Summary: We all know what Jessica was thinking the night Lucius bit her and made her his own. But we don’t know what Lucius was thinking himself. This is your chance to find out. Chapter 65 pages rewritten, enjoy. I tapped the deadly stake against the palm of my hand.

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Beth Fantaskey is the creator and owner of the Jessica series and I am only borrowing her character. He smiles, too, and kisses my throat, then says, “I have no objection to that, wife of mine. I would much rather carry you to our bedroom than drag suitcases around airports! I laugh—but a little nervously. I’ve waited for this moment for so long It shows in the way he shrugs out of his jacket without stopping the gentle, insistent brush of his lips against my throat.

And a second later, he undoes his cufflinks behind my back, so I hear them clatter to the floor. Of course, Lucius senses my tension, since I’ve gotten stiff in his arms, and he says softly, “Do not be nervous. I love you. I put my hand on his shoulder, trying to catch us. I didn’t mean to say that lame, juvenile half-curse or almost drag us into a heap on the floor.

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